About Us

BSM Legal Advisors & Strategy Consultants LLP is a group of people who are knowledge wealthy, have a strong commitment to values and have mastered the new realities of the legal arena with their academic and professional expertise. We at BSM endeavour to work with clients to mobilize for a segmented change, shape winning strategies, and drive execution. As an upcoming international legal advisory, strategy, and investment solutions company, BSM aims to help clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. We design and deliver solutions that manage risk, cultivates talent, optimizes beliefs and amplify the power to strengthen and protect individuals and global institutions. Our team at BSM assists clients of all geographies to accelerate value creation, strengthen their legal boundaries and collaborate with comprehensive organizations to drive growth and maximize revenue. Our research-oriented strategies and unique perspective allows us to see the critical intersections in between legal assets, policies, ideas, and risks- the dynamic equation which protects every organization’s global interests. Through our sustainable business models, we ensure simplicity, cost effectiveness and efficiency along with timely delivery. The firm’s services include Legal & Strategy Advisory, Educational Capacity Building, Revenue Maximization, Policy Development, Financial Management, Strategic Alliances/Partnerships and many more. We also work in the area of public policy and ready to offer policy assistance to governmental institutions.
The firm since its inception in 2017 has advocated for well-developed Indian legal sector, for which it holds dialogues with stakeholders within and outside India in order to increase cooperation in this area. The team comprises of lawyers and trade & investment and public policy professionals focusing on the promotion of inward and outward investments of India, working with investment companies from India, UK, Netherlands and Poland. Building the capacity of Indian lawyers on different international issues, especially with respect to trade and investments as one of the key areas of work. Capacity building of lawyers and various Indian institutes dealing with trade & investment is undertaken through cooperation with inter-governmental organizations like UNCTAD and Commonwealth Secretariat in forms of conferences, dialogues, seminars, etc. The work also includes strengthening Indian legal education by inviting various resource persons from foreign universities and holding seminars for Indian law students at law schools.


Green and sustainable business strategies and practices have become integral issues for companies big and small. Launching an environment friendly business is a necessity more than a global responsibility which is why BSM believes in offering services which has an end goal to contribute in elimination of world’s issues like poverty, protection of planet and empowerment.

Why BSM follows the ethics of Sustainable Business?

Better Returns

Operating costs are gradually reduced with adoption of improved natural resource management techniques. Sustainability increases company’s revenue consequently affecting long term goals.

Subsequent Growth

Every company that follows sustainability always determines the natural impact of trends in the world. This helps organizations to integrate environmental measures in their service orientations for clients of all geographies.

Better Risk Management

Natural disasters can always disrupt the operations of any business without any warning which is why sustainability becomes an important introduction in companies. Inclusion of sustainability and other activities related to it further becomes inevitable. Risk Management helps companies to improvise their operational culture and be prepared for any untimely natural interruptions.