Our Services


We are continually pursuing better ways of working as we collaborate with clients to help them resolve their complex industry issues and capitalize on the upcoming opportunities to optimize, grow, and protect their businesses. We combine our industry experience and functional skills to design better answers and realize long-lasting results for its clients based in all geographies. The offered bandwidth of advisory services includes resolving legal & strategy related issues; commodities exchange regulations, creating policies, investment funds, IPR, Labour Law, Family Law, Arbitration, Data Privacy, International law etc.


Assisting firms in identifying cost reduction opportunities and recognizing the revenue disconnect, BSM Advisors and Strategists strives to assist companies in delivering an outcome that grows and optimizes their business. Many firms fail to understand the financial reports, primarily the income statements vs. the cash flow statements which are crucial as it provides an early detection of potential cash problems demanding corrective actions. BSM assists companies in creating a reasonable monthly, quarterly, as well as annual cash flow projections which encompass income and expense projections. With our result driven approach, we help our clients drastically reduce expense and improve productivity.


BSM Advisors and Strategists with its strong expertise and training for providing consult in drafting private and government bills back its clients with policy facilitation. More, BSM puts policy drafting services like arbitration in payment, employment contracts, drafting of collective agreements, development of an employment policy, redundancy procedures and dismissal disputes policy creation on the table for its clients of all nationalities.


BSM works dedicatedly towards developing a strategic plan which provides guidance in fulfilling your company’s mission and vision with maximum impact and efficiency. Our team at BSM believes in structuring a strategic plan that articulates specific goals and defines the action steps along with program resources required to accomplish each step. We make sure that the plan is reviewed and well adjusted as the implementation is completed.


BSM assists several entrepreneurs, companies, individuals and organizations to forge a mutually beneficial relationship with independent entities so as they can achieve agreed upon long term goals. Strategic alliance comes in different forms and degrees of cooperation starting from simple referrals to complicated operating relationships. BSM assists in simplifying the strategic alliance and breaks it into understandable formats so as a negotiation intercept can be achieved in between the two parties.


In the competitive business environment Human Resource Management is one such business function that can easily be outsourced in order to cut operating costs and deliver more value. BSM helps companies establish their Human Resource policies, streamline their HR solutions and provide them with experienced personnel along with research based insights. Our core HRM services are specifically designed to enhance employee satisfaction, help customers reduce costs and improvise delivery of HR strategies so as companies can achieve better profitability and improve performance.


BSM works in partnership with you in order to curate and create a successful as well as high-performance Knowledge Management Strategy aimed at empowering high-performance teams. Our team at BSM are specialised in preparing a comprehensive review and focus on specific areas of need like: Technology, Administration, Process and Training & Support.


Knowing that a business needs an acute financial management, BSM supports start-ups, entrepreneurs, and companies of any bandwidth with planning, directing, organizing and controlling the financial activities; services include utilization of funds and procurement of the same as well.
Our core Financial Management objectives are:
1. Ensure safety on investment
2. Ensure optimum funds utilization
3. Ensure an adequate and regular supply of funds inside and outside the company.
4. Plan a sound capital structure


At BSM we develop promotional plans to help startups, entrepreneurs and companies achieve their business agendas across a wide variety of divisions and sectors. Starting from increasing the website traffic to generating new business leads, BSM has got it all covered for you under one umbrella. We build customized brand centric strategies which helps your clients know the capabilities of your business through latest promotional tools.


BSM adds elegance in your strategic thinking framework by offering soft skills development training to your existing as well as newly hired employees. Our approach towards Soft Skills Development training is different and with our unique differentiator we assist companies in nurturing the raw talent and transforming them into high value individuals. We facilitate intensive soft skills development training which are customized as per your strategic thinking.


BSM relentless pursuit is to constantly support the start-ups ecosystem with international & regional tie-ups which would, in turn, help them in gaining global visibility. Our team at BSM is focused at developing a strategic direction for companies so as they can dominate new frontiers as well unleash new potential through established networks. Starting from finding out the right organizations to getting the paperwork completed, BSM has got your back.


Being a student or an entrepreneur in pursuit, the search for impressive programmes is part of the growth cycle. BSM helps individuals find their right exchange programs and also assists them in overcoming their academic and financial barriers. We help you decide the right program, the right place and the right budget best for your professional growth.